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Santa Barbara County

Street: 328 East Carrillo Street
City: Santa Barbara
State: California
Postal Code: 93101
Primary Contact Name: Peter Conn or Bart Woolery (bart@bartwoolery.net)
Email: pconnt43@cox.net
Phone: 805-682-5183
Alternate Phone: 805-682-5814
Get Directions (Google Map): http://g.co/maps/7de4b

Upcoming Events:

HCA-SB Annual Potluck Picnic

Sunday, August 17, 1-4pm, La Mesa Park, 395 Meigs Rd. (near Lazy Acres). We will be eating at 1:30, bring a dish, bring a friend!


Our steering committee meeting on the second Thursday of every month at 328 E. Cabrillo (SB), 7-8:30 pm is your opportunity to contribute to your chapter. All members are welcome!


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