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Our next Chapter meeting will be held on Monday, May 15th, at 12:00 noon at the League of Women Voters’ Pasadena office, Western Justice Center Annex, 65 So. Grand Ave., Pasadena.  Please note that we are no longer meeting in the library!  To locate the League conference room, follow the walkway to the left of the 65 South Grand building and enter the side door on your right.  Walk to the hall and enter the second door on your left (which is open).  Street parking and the large lot across the street are still available.  PLEASE NOTE NEW TIME and LOCATION!

There will be an update on the progress of single payer bill, SB562 (Lara and Atkins) in the California Senate; a discussion of the bill's program outline (and funding system preview); legislative review calendar through June; local grassroots outreach and education activities; new HCA flyer introduction; and best use of salsa e-mail supporter listings. Healthy California campaign training opportunities to be discussed. An update on HR676 (Conyers) plus the Senate review of the amended Affordable Care Act will close the meeting.

Regards to all,
Irma Strantz, Chair
San Gabriel Valley Chapter of HCA

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Looking forward to meeting with you on April 19th

Here is past event report and pictures.

MEDICARE’s 50th Birthday celebration in Pasadena on July 30th was a great success! At the Sidewalk Rally on Lake Street at Cordova Avenue, the birthday theme was presented on red umbrellas positioned at each corner and  on a huge Medicare banner that was marched around the intersection.  Medicare messages included: Happy 50th Birthday, Medicare!; Improve, Don't Cut Medicare!; Medicare 4 All - Rain or Shine; Make Medicare Universal!; We Love Medicare - Improve and Expand It to All!.  There were about 20 umbrella carriers at the rally, plus interested pedestrians who stopped to chat and horn-tooting drivers who showed appreciation for the umbrella messages!

Birthday Party attendees included members from the League of Women Voters - Pasadena Area, Claremont and Glendale Chapters;  Health Care for All – San Gabriel Valley Chapter, CNA/NNOC San Gabriel Valley nurses; All Care Alliance; Planned Parenthood of Pasadena & San Gabriel Valley, NAMI and PNHP.  Area TV and Print Media review coverage was provided via videotaped interviews with rally participants.

Although thunderstorms and rain were predicted, the Pasadena birthday weather was fine....sunny and hot, but bearable for Rally participants under our red umbrellas!

Closing message for the reader: Beware the lawmakers and election candidates in Washington, DC who propose to demolish Medicare and turn the program over to private for profit insurance carriers.  The American people desperately need a universal health system that delivers comprehensive high-quality affordable care with no access barriers.    Support HR676 - Improved Medicare for All! And urge your representative and senator to also sign on, if they haven't.

Irma Strantz and Terry DeWolfe, Directors

There were some us who were bused in from the Inland Empire at the LA Rally to a  large tent filled with  music, speakers and apple pie. Terry set up our table and we had many people who came to our table to talk about medicare and social security. More  at the next meeting. CARA and CA Nurse Association provided the necessities for us. Shirley Harlan