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for SB562 Healthy California

 “When health care is treated as a commodity, a price tag is placed on the value of life and only those with the means have the right to live." anon.

 "According to myth…a single-payer system is a good idea, but unrealistic.  
What is truly unrealistic is anything else."     
Marcia Angell, MD, former editor, of the New England Journal of Medicine 

Saves money and covers everyone. 
Everybody In Nobody out!  

Finance study shows SB 562 saves $74 Billion on healthcare


SB 562 is on the agenda for the Assembly Health  Committee
To be decided by July 14th


Why Take Action for a Healthy California?

Covers Everybody:  Each of us gets the healthcare we need through a just, equitable healthcare system that guarantees healthcare for every California resident as a fundamental human right, not just as a privilege.

Comprehensive Plan:  Healthy California covers ALL medically necessary care, including medical, vision, dental, hearing, and reproductive. One comprehensive plan, freedom of provider choice, no more networks.

Reduces Costs:  Healthy California pays for all covered services, giving it the power to eliminate waste and contain costs. Nearly all individuals and businesses would save. No more co-pays, deductibles, or surprise medical bills!

Our Healthcare:  Healthy California is accountable only to the public. Doctors and nurses, not insurance companies, work with you to decide your care. This ensures that private profit never comes before public health.


1. JOIN SB562 TEAMS making legislative visits to assembly members and canvassing assembly districts. ASAP: Contact Reed and Genevieve HERE  Please include your Assembly District .

2. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR & RAPID RESPONSE.  Address media attacks with letters to the editor, blog posts, social media. We are seeing  misinformation and  negative reporting based on false data. We must push the research done by  SB 562 PERI Finance Analysis. Comment on good and bad articles to show support. Participate with the Communications Committee george@californiaonecare.org   Anytime you encounter an article about our health care system, please write a short comment or rebuttal ...just a couple of sentences for "letters to the editor". 
 Could Respond To:
***Daily Breeze*** Question of the week- Single Payer
Daily Breeze:  Editorial full of wrong data.  http://www.dailybreeze.com/article/LI/20170602/LOCAL1/170609893  
 SAC BEE EDITORIAL:   Instead of passing a platitude and calling it a health care solution,Democrats should fight Republican efforts to gut the Affordable Care Act, 
LA TIMES http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-pol-sac-skelton-single-payer-bill-20170605-story.html
LA TIMES  http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-pol-sac-skelton-single-payer-healthcare-20170525-story.html
LA TIMES http://www.latimes.com/politics/essential/la-pol-ca-essential-politics-updates-single-payer-healthcare-plan-advances-1496361965-htmlstory.html
Some favorable columns in LA Times as well...Michael HiltzikDavid LazarusMelanie Mason.  Could respond  positively to those!


PLEASE CONTACT FIRST the current SB 562 TARGETS. They MUST hear from us all, until we get affirmation. We cannot rely on " support in concept" or the fact that they may have not actually read the Healthy California Act SB 562  nor the 85 page SB 562 Financial Analysis  by a nationally recognized research institute PERI and four distinguished professional economists and researchers.

The appropriations bill summary quoted in the media is NOT a financial study.  It is an 8 page  cursory staff report that begins with this sentence  "The fiscal estimates below are subject to enormous uncertainty." The projected impacts are based on "underlying assumptions".  "Assuming" a payroll tax ( not so) etc. Legislators using this are misinformed.  Have they read the PERI Research?  Ask them.  THANK THOSE LEGISLATORS WHO ARE WITH US!


NO or ABSTAIN votes require an explanation because they are irrational and unjust. People are suffering: inadequate access, denial of care, sustained disability, medical debt, bankruptcy, foreclosures, impoverishement of entire families due to illness. No one in the 40 single payer countries experiences these abuses.  The status quo in the US is 
unsustainable, unpredictable, insecure, fiscally irresponsible, adminstratively wasteful, discriminatory  andimmoral.  California needs to move ahead. HEALTH CARE is a HUMAN RIGHT!

The Need is there. Our Money is there.  The People are there. The Plan is there.  Where are the legislators?  Representing our needs?  Or serving the profiteering Insurance, Pharma, Bank Corporations? DEMOCRACY OR CORPORATOCRACY?  FIND OUT. CALL NOW. 

Anthony Rendon, Speaker of the Assembly (D-63)
916-319-2063 assemblymember.rendon@assembly.ca.gov
Jim Wood, Health Committee Chair (D-2)
916-319-2002 assemblymember.wood@assembly.ca.gov
Raul Bocanegra, Appropriations Committee (D-39)
916-319-2039 assemblymember.bocanegra@assembly.ca.gov
Adam Gray, Appropriations Committee (D-21)
916-319-2021 assemblymember.gray@assembly.ca.gov
Al Muratsuchi, Appropriations Committee (D-66)
916-319-2066 assemblymember.muratsuchi@assembly.ca.gov
Sharon Quirk Silva, Health Committee (D-65)
916-319-2065 assemblymember.quirk-silva@assembly.ca.gov 

Members of Assembly Health Committee

Jim Wood (Chair) Dem - 02 (916) 319-2002
Brian Maienschein (Vice Chair) Rep - 77 (916) 319-2077
Rob Bonta Dem - 18 (916) 319-2018
Autumn R. Burke Dem - 62 (916) 319-2062
James Gallagher Rep - 03 (916) 319-2003 
Monique Limón Dem - 37 (916) 319-2037
Kevin McCarty Dem - 07 (916) 319-2007
Adrin Nazarian Dem - 46 (916) 319-2046
Jim Patterson Rep - 23 (916) 319-2023
Sharon Quirk-Silva  Dem - 65 (916) 319-2065
Sebastian Ridley-Thomas Dem - 54 (916) 319-205
Freddie Rodriguez Dem - 52 (916) 319-2052
Miguel Santiago Dem - 53 (916) 319-2053
Tony Thurmond Dem - 15 (916) 319-2015
Marie Waldron Rep - 75 (916) 319-2075 

Some Reality Based Resources & Talking Points 


1.       Poll Flyer
2.       Household Savings Flyer
3.       Business Savings Flyer

Talking Points
* Healthy California would save $74 billion on our current healthcare system...and cover everyone.  * Low and middle income households would save almost 10% on healthcare. * ALL businesses would save money and small businesses currently paying for healthcare would save up to 22%. * The 40 single payer universal health care countries all pay less, have better health outcomes and protect their citizens from financial ruin when they become ill. * Over the past 20 years, 17 studies done on 14 states financial impacts of a single payer system found substantial
 savings over the current profit driven insurance system we have now .* The costs to the country, the state and the individual continue to rise astronomically without cost containment and without price controls.  This is already a financial disaster rapidly becoming worse by wasting billions of dollars siphoned off to shareholders, CEO salaries and unnecessary administration that should be spent on health care. Last year 29,000  Americans died for lack of access to adequate health care.

Study Highlights:
Healthy California would save current healthcare system 18% by reducing administration, Pharma, and delivery costs. 

Savings for Californians in health care spending as share of income, with added benefit of guaranteed care, elimination of premiums, co-pays, deductibles. 

Middle-income families – savings of 2.6%-9.1%
  • Low-income families – savings of 1.2%, for the uninsured, 5.5% for those on Medi-Cal with added benefit of guaranteed care.
  • Higher income families – slight rise, 1.5% to 1.7%
Reduced costs for businesses
  • Small businesses that currently provide health benefits – net decline in health costs by 22%
  • Medium-sized businesses – decline in health care costs by 6.8%-13.4%
  • Large employers with up to 500 employees – drop in health care costs by 5% as share of payroll
The numbers:
  • Total cost of Healthy CA with savings through SB 562 - $331 billion. Based on current total spending on healthcare in California, $368.5 billion, plus additional 9.6 percent, to $404.1 billion to fully cover the uninsured and underinsured in California
  • Shift of current public funds into Healthy CA system -- $225 billion
  • Additional funds needed to finance Healthy CA system -- $106 billion. Raised through:
    • Gross business revenues receipts tax – 2.3%, exempting first $2 million in receipts, eliminating costs for small businesses with 9 employees or less.
    • B – Sales tax, 2.3%, exempts all spending on housing, utilities, food at home, and other exemptions under current state tax code.
Polling Highlights:
70% Support Healthy California Act
81% Support ensuring all Californians have healthcare
58% Support even after hearing opposition arguments

Pilar Schiavo California Nurses Association (CNA) 
Healthy California: 


June 13th, Tuesday, 6:30pm - 9:00pm.  Healthy California Campaign- LA Regional meeting. LAPD West Bureau, Conference Room  4849 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019. Street parking. jennichang@gmail.com
June 14th, Wednesday 11am - 1pm. Labor United for Universal Healthcare’s Education Committee is having a special meeting on Wednesday, at UTLA (3303 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, Room 828) to talk about what’s next for the committee and how we can best integrate our work with the statewide Healthy California campaign.
This is an exciting time for healthcare justice activists in California and we have a lot of opportunities and work ahead of us. Please join us at this meeting as we discuss next steps for the committee and develop an educational plan moving forward.  If you have questions or would like to RSVP for the meeting, please contact Sarah at 213-252-1351 or sarah@laborforhealthcare.org 

June 17th, Saturday 1:00pm to 4:00pm. SB 562 Poster-Making Party  It's time we personalize our public healthcare messages. Supplies will be provided but feel free to bring additional materials. 1001 North Cedar Glendale, CA 91207  jennichang@gmail.com

June 23rd, Friday 5:30pm to 8:30pm.  Honk and Wave in Echo Park.  We're taking SB562 out to magic hour on a Echo Park's Sunset.  1571 Sunset blvd. 90026 https://www.facebook.com/events/1676045645758178/  jennichang@gmail.com

June 24th,  Saturday.  Canvassing in Rep Rendon's District Details TBA

June 25th, Sunday 2:30pm-4:30pm
 “SB562: THE CAMPAIGN FOR GUARANTEED HEALTH CARE FOR ALL"  Presentation hosted by Palos Verdes Democrats at the Peninsula Center Library, 710 Silver Spur Road Rolling Hills Estates 90274.  The community is invited.  Info Lynn Bommer President, PV Dems labommer@gmail.com

July 1st, Saturday TOWNHALL in RENDON's District. Details TBA    


July 13th, Thursday 7:30-9:30pm                         Health Care for All-Los Angeles


Please join us in bringing Health Care as a Human Right a step closer to realization. Eliminate premiums, copays, deductibles, control outrageous Pharma prices and reduce skyrocketing Hospital charges. SB 562 saves the state $74 billion dollars.  Individuals, families and businesses save money by implementing a system reducing waste, unnecessary administration, inefficient delivery of services and gouging by  the medical industrial complex.       We will ONLY achieve single payer universal health care  if every single person reading this spends a few minutes on the phone calling your CA assembly person and advocating a YES VOTE.  Do not take NO for an answer.  If opposed, ask for a reason.  Call until they say YES.  Put  HEALTH and CARE back into our system. OUR LIVES DEPEND UPON IT.  Free. All Welcome. Light Refreshments.  PEACE CENTER -  Don White Meeting Room 3916 Sepulveda Blvd Culver City 90230. Entrance &  Parking in back lot. INFO: 310 459-9763 mcruised@aol.com.  

HEALTHY CALIFORNIA CAMPAIGN Canvass, Office Visits, Rallies, Phone Banks
check out our calendar to join us at upcoming events in your area!                 



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1.  If you need HealthyCA materials we have set up a Materials Request form.  Be sure to request all of your materials through this form (instead of emailing one of our staff), and you'll get a confirmation and tracking info directly from our operations staff handling your requests. Yay!

 2.  If you know business owners or representatives, please direct them to Eric Leenson at eric@ba4hcal.org. This is a critical piece of our movement that needs focus and any businesses you can direct there will help. Business leaders can learn why SB 562 is good for California Businesses and join the Business Alliance for a Healthy California here: https://www.ba4hcal.org/become-a-supporter



                           Healthcare for All - L.A. Chapter 
  Meets monthly on the second Thursday of the month
from 7:30-9:30 pm at the Peace Center 
3916 Sepulveda Blvd. Culver City 90230-4640. 
The HCA-LA mission is to educate, activate and encourage people to participate in advocating for just, equitable, accessible, comprehensive, affordable, and quality healthcare in a publicly financed universal single-payer system. Agendas include speakers, presentations, discussions, films, opportunity for action in our communities.
BECOME A MEMBER  www.healthcareforall.org.            
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