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Maureen Cruise


Peace Center
3916 Sepulveda Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90230-4640
United States




310 459-9763



Breakdowns can lead to Breakthroughs. With backbone, jawbone and wishbone, working together in solidarity, we are making our movement breakthroughs happen.  
Nina Turner, Our Revolution.
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"For years now," wrote Dr. King, "I have heard the word 'wait'… This 'wait' has almost always meant 'never.' We must come to see that 'justice too long delayed is justice denied.'"  Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.

Health Care for All-Los Angeles Chapter
Thursday, October 12th, 7:00-9:45pm

Everyone is welcome.    

Presentation & Group Discussion
Incrementalism: Obstacle to "Improved Medicare for All" & How We Resist It
Kirsten Magnuson presents a "Health Over Profits" Powerpoint 
 *** Special Live Music Sing Along with  Brandt Chamberlin ***
Talking with "progressives" who promote incrementalism requires knowing how to counter misinformation
with facts and move beyond those arguments that attempt to apply the brakes to our Healthy California Campaign movement. We have some very exciting support, encouraging advocacy, increasing public awareness, solid legislation and the PERI  finance proposal waiting to be adopted.  We are growing daily
in strength and numbers in our quest for health care justice for all with California's SB562.

7:00 Health Care Revolutionary Brigade at HAMILTON materials preparation.  Bring a stapler if you have one.  Prepare flyers for the next 3 months of ACTION!
7:30 Meeting Convenes: Introductions, ACTION Reports, Announcements
8:15 UPDATES Healthy California Campaign and SB562 
8:30 Incrementalism and the Single Payer Movement: Presentation and Discussion
JOIN US at the PEACE CENTER -  Don White Meeting Room  3916 Sepulveda Blvd Culver City 90230.
Located just south of Venice Blvd. between the Pauline Book Store and Ramada Inn. Driveway or alley
access from Bentley & Matteson to plenty of FREE parking and entrance behind the building. 
 Light refreshments.  No Charge.  Everyone is welcome.  Info: Maureen@healthcareforall-LA.com  

Thanks to all who participate in the many actions large and small, joining with others or talking as an individual to your neighbors, friends and family.    Our movement flourishes and as a result faces opposition and obstacles from within and without our health care community are ramping up. We need "all hands on deck" to participate in any way that we can.  Everyday of delay is more unnecessary human suffering. Every day costs escalate out of control for individuals, families, our state, our country.  
We have just begun. 
Show up, Stand up, Shout out:                   Everybody in. Nobody out. Now! 

JOIN our Health Care for All-LA Chapter   

** Every Sunday** at Hamilton  ** for SB562 Flyering**  

Pantages Theater in Hollywood.  Meet at 3:30pm to canvass the matinee leaving until 4:30.  Flyer again 6:00-7:00 pm for the next show. Wear a RED Shirt: an SB 562 shirt, Healthcare t-shirt or any red shirt. We have 13 colonial hats.  If long hair ...wear in a ponytail in the mode of HAMILTON.  A theme song is being composed to the HAMILTON tunes.  This action needs singers, musicians and all manner of public rabble rousers and true patriots for the cause!                                              Contact erika.feresten@gmail.com.

Convening every SUNDAY through December.  Please contact Rebel Commander ERIKA to join the Health Care Justice Revolutionary Brigade at the Pantages. Share this, Patriots!  


Our Healthy California Campaign has the momentum!
Kick off an accelerated Healthy California Campaign with a S.B. 562 Weekend of Action October 14th and 15th.   Pressure politicians to do their job!  The Healthy California Campaign,
Knock Every Door, Our Revolution and the California Nurses Association are organizing volunteers – directly contacting constituents – in every assembly district in the state all in one weekend. We need VOLUNTEERS and your help to get the word out about the S.B. 562 Weekend of Action!

Sign up to Host an Event!  This weekend of action has gotten an incredible response from hosts stepping up around the state. We have 60 events on the map throughout the state in 45 of
80 Assembly Districts so far! More actions are being added every day and we are confident all 80 districts will be covered. Weekend action events  are here: https://actionnetwork.org/event_campaigns/medicare-for-all-weekend-of-action  
A couple districts still need hosts, click here to volunteer to host in your Assembly District 
heck the list of events first to make sure there’s not one already in your AD.  

Phone banking starts today! Our Revolution has stepped up to make their phone banking tool available for phone banking from home starting (or in groups) today! The OurRev dialer goes
live tonight (Wednesdays) from 6-9pmPT and Saturdays 2-5pm PT for recruitment as well. nThe dialer can be found here:  https://go.ourrevolution.com/page/content/562phonebank/.   
Both Gavin Newsom’s embrace of S.B. 562 and Senator Sanders’ federal legislation follow the Medicare for All fight that tens of thousands of Californians have waged for the past year. 
WE ARE   ENCOURAGED! Californians have knocked on tens of thousands of doors, made countless phone calls, held scores of town hall events  and engaged in every grassroots
neighbor-to-neighbor contact imaginable in support of S.B 562.  
S.B. 562, The Healthy California Act,  moves forward as a two-year bill that will be taken up again when the California legislature reconvenes in early 2018.    NOW IS THE TIME TO PUSH OUR ASSEMBLY MEMBERS TO DO WHAT THEIR CONSTITUENTS DEMAND BY SUPPORTING S.B. 562.   
Tell us you can call others to get them out in their Assembly districts  The momentum is with us.  The race to healthcare justice is heating up.  In Solidarity,  Healthy California  

Navigating the Legislative Process: Deadlines, Procedures and Common Terms PDF link. From the League of CA Cities.  Thanks to HCA-CA legislative committee members Lynn Huidekoper & Norma Wilcox.  
“Come Senators, Congressmen, please heed the call
Don’t stand in the doorway, don’t block up the hall.
The battle outside ragin’ will soon shake your windows
And rattle your walls
For the times. . . 
. . . they are a-changin. . .”
Bob Dylan

We urge you to Join the Healthy CA Campaign actions events for Oct. 14th & 15th listed above.  
HCA-LA  continues to work  NON STOP to educate the public, rally, march, canvass, flyer & townhall.  It is essential to address our legislators with our expectation of honest representation to move the bill forward in January and for district townhalls to be held with constituents.  We would like our elected 
"representatives"  to listen to the stories of our lives and do their job of legislating on our behalf with our tax dollars.  We did not elect AD staff for this job.  We elected senators and assembly persons and we expect  our needs to be heard, respected, acknowledged and addressed.

Raven Gilliam is the Legislative Visit Coordinator for HCA-LA.  Please contact her to participate in Legislative visits.  raven.gilliam@gmail.com and Visit http://sb562-legislativevisits.cf

Reed Heisler Shellaby is coordinating tabling, events, flyering, vigils, rally participation.  To join this action team and organize in                                      your community. karakhanid@hotmail.com  
Adam Gorgoni heads up the Business Outreach.  Welcoming participants to research business outreach and/or  participate in approaching businesses. adam@totalled.net

Maureen Cruise is organizing the Speakers Team seeking speakers and members to solicit 
speaking opportunities. mcruised@aol.com. 

INDIVIDUAL ACTIONS to SUPPORT SB562. Take ACTION any day of the week every week!
1. Continue to press ALL Legislators for genuine support 
   * Ask your representatives for a public statement, a townhall, endorsement.  855-271-8515 for Legislator's phone numbers
   * If legislators state their support...say thanks! ...and request they demonstrate advocacy for such an important life and death bill affecting the health and well being of  39 million CA  residents:
   * Sign the Healthy CA Campaign Legislator endorsement form
      * Host a district townhall for constituents to discuss SB5
          * Post a SB 562 poster at the office in visible place
          * Post support for SB 562 on their webpage & social media  
          * Advocate endorsement of SB562 among colleagues
          * Mention support publicly at meetings and events  

2.  Solicit Organization/ Faith/ Business /Club Endorsements  
     Healthy CA Campaign using website forms HERE.
3.   Organize your own Street Corner "Honk & Wave"  
4.   Table at Farmers Markets & events.                                  CONTACT for tabling/flyering materials                                         5.   Drop flyers at local libraries and community bulletin boards.    

CALENDAR  everyone welcome 

Thursday October 5th 10am-noon 
Just a reminder that Labor United for Universal Healthcare's General Membership
Meeting will be on Thursday, October 5, from 10:00 am to Noon, at the
Los Angeles County Federation of Labor (2130 James M. Wood Boulevard, LA)

At this month's meeting, there will be a special discussion with Mark Dudzic from 
Labor Campaign for Single Payer about SB 1804 and labor support for the
Medicare for All bill.  See you there!  Questions? Email sarah@laborforhealthcare.org

Sundays October 8th,15th & 29th 3:30-7:00 PM

HAMILTON flyering at the Pantages Theatre
CONTACT  Rebel leader ERIKA

Tuesday October 10th 6pm

Thursday October 12th 7:00-9:45 pm
HCA-LA Meeting: Incrementalism: Obstacle to
"Improved Medicare for All"& How We Resist It!

HCA-LA Director Kirsten Magnuson presents.
 ** Special Live Music Sing Along with  Brandt Chamberlin ** 
Peace Center 3916 Sepulveda Culver City 90230.  Light refreshments.

 Friday Oct. 13th & Saturday Oct 14th 
Flyering at the FREE conference. Must register.
Maureen if you are going and can help flyer.

Communities across the nation negatively impacted by the global trade system can become healthy, sustainable places, including healthy workplaces, communities and environments, by reducing and ultimately eliminating those negative impacts. http://www.movingforwardnetwork.com

Saturday Oct 14th & Sunday Oct 15th
Healthy CA Campaign DAYS OF ACTION (click)
Phone bank, canvass, townhall, flyer, Leg visits
and continuing Our Revolution Phone bank.

Saturday October 21st 8:30am-4:30pm 
Health Care for all Board of Directors Meet
Grass Valley, CA 

Saturday Oct 28th & Monday Oct 30th 

Health SCARE Flyering                                           Santa Monica Promenade 
DETAILS TBA next Newsletter UPDATE.  

Tuesday October 31st 9pm

Healthcare for All - Los Angeles Chapter
  Meets monthly on the second Thursday of the month
from 7:30-9:30 pm at the Peace Center 
3916 Sepulveda Blvd. Culver City 90230-4640. 
The HCA-LA mission is to educate, activate and encourage people to participate in advocating for just, equitable, accessible, comprehensive, affordable, and quality healthcare in a publicly financed universal single-payer system. Agendas include speakers, presentations, discussions, films, opportunity for action in our communities.
BECOME A MEMBER  www.healthcareforall.org.            
Join the HCA-LA Mailing list:  mcruised@aol.com